makes a complete

line of breads, buns and rolls


Why buy Dudt's Bread:
        Dudt's bread is made fresh daily. It's not shipped in from a bread factory. Our breads are made of the best ingredients available and we use special filtered water. Most of our breads contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and in the case of our Whole Wheat Bread, we rely on ingredients such as honey for its natural preserving quality. Another example is our White Bread, which contains flour, sugar, water, yeast, salt, and shortening, with nothing else added. If you are not buying Dudt's bread, read the label on the bread you are buying now and see what you are eating. For taste, freshness and quality, treat yourself and your family to Dudt's Breads.
 Standard Breads:
       We make a standard selection of breads daily, which are available in our store without the need to special order. These breads are as follows.
         Homemade Bread
        Butter crust Bread
        Luncheon Bread  (longer version of the Homemade loaf)
        Pullman Bread  (large square white loaf that can be special 
                                    ordered in many different ways (see the 
                                    specialty bread section for more details and
         Cinnamon Bread
        Raisin Bread  (available plain, with icing or with a cinnamon sugar
        Italian Bread
        French Bread (available plain, with sesame seeds or poppy seeds).
        Potato Bread
        Whole Wheat Bread
        Rye Bread  (available in a round shape or regular loaf).  
        German Nut Bread
We also make the following breads on alternating days of the week, but they can be special ordered any day.
        Pumpernickel Bread
        Oat Bran Bread
        All Grain Bread
        English Muffin Bread
        Sour Dough Bread
        Salt Free Bread  (a special no salt version of our Homemade loaf
                                    for those on strict no salt diets).
Holiday Breads:
        We make seasonal specialty breads for different holidays. They are listed with their corresponding holidays. These breads are made for over the counter purchase, but ordering them is strongly recommended. 
        Irish Soda Bread ( a heavy white round loaf, baked with 
                                      raisins, caraway seeds, Irish Whisky and
                                     topped with a coating of buttermilk. This bread 
                                     is available around St. Patrick's Day). 
        Egg Bread  (available during the Easter season).
        Paska Bread  (also known to many as Easter Bread. It is a round
                                puffy, sweet bread  with raisins. It is available
                                 with white fondant icing or a shiny clear glaze.
                                  It is available during the Easter season).
        Cranberry Orange Nut Bread  (a sweet cake like consistency, 
                                                          with fresh cranberries, walnut     
                                                         pieces and orange juice.
                                                        This bread is available from 
                                                        Thanksgiving through New Year).,
        Christmas Stolen ( a folded sweet dough bread with diced fruit
                                      baked in. It is available with white fondant
                                      icing or a shiny clear glaze. This bread is
                                      available during the Christmas season).
        New Years Pretzel (this traditional item is also thought of as a 
                                       breakfast roll since it is made of a soft sweet 
                                       dough. It is said that the New Year Pretzel 
                                       will bring good luck in the upcoming year.
                                       It is available in three different sizes, iced or
                                        glazed, and topped with nuts, jimmies, or
Specialty Breads:
        Specialty breads are special order items that are not normally stocked in the store. They should be ordered one day ahead of the needed date.
        Round Rye Bread  (can be special ordered in large loafs for party
                                         applications. The loaf can be carved out and 
                                         filled with dip, using the inside carvings for the 
                                        pieces to dip. We can make round loafs in two,
                                       three and four pound weights).
        Round Pumpernickel Bread (can be ordered as above).
        Pullman Bread  (is a versatile bread that can be ordered in many
                                    different ways. It is available in white, rye, 
                                    pumpernickel or whole wheat. The white loaf
                                    can be tinted any color or ordered with nuts or
                                   raisins inside. It can be sliced as a normal loaf
                                    or lengthwise to be rolled up to make fancy tea 
        Party Rye  (is a long skinny stick loaf used for party applications).
        Marble Rye Bread  (is a special loaf that is a mix of rye and
        Bread Rings  (are round braded rings for making decorative party
                               sandwiches. They can be ordered in white, rye, 
                               pumpernickel and whole wheat).
Buns and Rolls:
        We make a standard selection of buns and rolls daily, which are available in our store without the need to special order. They are as follows.
        Sandwich Buns
        Hot Dog Buns
        Dinner Rolls
        Semi-hard Rolls
        Sausage Rolls
        Hoagie Buns
Specialty Buns and Rolls:
        Dudt's makes a special selection of buns and rolls for party and dinner applications. They should be ordered one day ahead of the needed date.
        Mini-Sandwich Buns  (are half the regular size).
        Mini-Dinner Rolls  (are half the regular size).
        Rye Dinner Rolls
        Mini-Rye Dinner Rolls
        Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls
        Mini-Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls
        Seeded Sandwich Buns (poppy or sesame seeds)
        Salt Sticks
        Hot Cross Buns (around Easter time)
Store Hours:
   Monday through Saturday, 7:00am to 7:00 pm
   Sunday, 9:00am to 3:00 pm
   1701 Duncan Ave.
   Allison Park, PA  15101